(Physical and Virtual Mode)

S.No Start Up Name Registration Number Website Date of Association Authorized Person Status Date of Graduation Startup Operational Description
1 Mushy Lab MIET/Inc/Phy/2020/03 https://www.facebook.com/login/?next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FMushy-Lab-102411621679882%2F 2/1/2020 Vandana Yadav On Board NA Yes Mushroom Cultivation, having medicinal Values
2 Vanijya Technology MIET/Inc/Phy/2020/04 https://www.vanijyatech.in/ 2/1/2020 Deepak Mittal, Vivek Khushawa, Uditanshu Saxena On Board NA Yes Data Analytics Solution to small and medium scale business
3 Parshi Infotech Private Limited MIET/Inc/Phy/2020/05 http://parshiinfotech.com/ 11/10/2020 Puneet Agarwal, Akansha Agarwal On Board NA Yes Service provider who aspire person’s to become technologically proficient professionals
4 AnV-Stat MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/01 NA 1/1/2021 Vandana Thakur On Board NA Yes A Herbal Hemostatic Formulation to Arrest Bleeding
5 Indian Agriculture Automation MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/02 NA 1/1/2021 Manish Kumar, Shivam Aggarwal, Vansh Thakur, Vaibhav Chaudhary, Ishrat Zama Khan, Harpreet Singh On Board NA No Manufacturing customized agriculture machine
6 Innogical MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/03 https://www.innogical.com/ 1/28/2021 Mr. Ashutosh Vashisth On Board NA Yes Technology Trainer in schools
7 Rotoduction MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/04 http://www.ashoni.in/ 2/3/2021 Rajesh Kumar Verma On Board NA Yes Futuristic cooking device i.e. Induction baking device
8 Petuk Ji Pvt. Ltd. & One17 Technologies MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/05 http://petukji.in/ 5/8/2021 Ratna Rana & Subhash Rana On board NA Yes Food ordering and delivery marketplace and services, application development, digital marketing
9 Green Enviro MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/06 http://greenenviro24.com 5/17/2021 Farman Khan On Board NA Yes Deals in Mobile toilets, dustbin and Bio digester tank
10 Extra Mile MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/07 https://extramile709.wixsite.com/extramile 5/29/2021 Tushar Arora On Board NA Yes Door to door service provider for two wheelers and four wheelers
11 Grezo Club Pvt.Ltd MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/08 https://greenbharat.club/ 25-06-2021 Mr. Kumar Sahil & Mr. Kartikey Singh On Board NA Yes We aim to doorstep decorative greenery setup & curating service.
12 Naaz Art Printers MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/10 NA 07-08-2021 Mohd. Dilshad On Board NA Yes Deals in offset Printing, Flex Printing, Sticker, Brochure, Pamplet, Poster, Selfie-stand, Vinyl Cards and Visiting cards and all printing works.
13 CAD 2 CAE Private Limited MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/11 NA 19-08-2021 Mr. Varun Kaushik On Board NA Yes It is an engineering design consultancy, helping industries to achieve their business objective and capture more market share by providing best-in-class designing services.
14 Chaudhary Enterprises MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/12 NA 06-09-2021 Mohd. Amir On Board NA Yes Manufacture, supply, and export FRP Toilets/ Mobile Toilets and Bio-digesters in pan India.
15 Websof Solution MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/13 NA 13-09-2021 Mohammad Faisal On Board NA Yes Websof Solution is complete IT and Web solution company in Meerut and NCR, India. We offer services like Customized Web Designing, Web development, Mobile Application development, E-commerce Solutions, SEO, SMM, CMS, Bulk
16 U.P. Star Press MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/14 NA 20-09-2021 Mr. Ghazanfar Ali On Board NA Yes U.P. Star Press deals in Graphic designing i.e. Flex, Sticker, Brochure, Pamplet, Poster, Vinyl Cards and Visiting cards, marriage Cards, Letter heads, Roll up Standy, Glow Shine Board.
17 EFLO MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/15 NA 14-10-2021 Mr. Ashwani Mishra On Board NA Yes EFLO is a cloud based inventory & production management tool specially diesigned for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their inventory & warehouse easily and efficiently.
18 Guru Handicrafts MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/16 NA 20-10-2021 Ms. Babita Sharma On Board NA Yes An Export firm established by  Mr. Radheshyam Sharma in 1999, Guru Handicrafts came into being as a Handicrafts firm. Ever since, it has earned a reputation of reliability for delivering quality craftsmanship consistently,
19 Book My Guide MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/17 02-11-2021 Mr. Aryan Chaprana and Mr. Aryamann Punia On Board NA Yes Application to book a tourist guide
20 PVHKR CYBER SECURITY PRIVATE LIMITED MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/18 pvhkrcybersecurity.com 03-11-2021 Mr. Prashant Verma On Board NA Yes A Company Provides Cyber Security Related Services.
21 Apka Saathi MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/20 NA 07-12-2021 Mr. Manu Tyagi, Mr. Shivam Baliyan, Mr. Bharat Baliyan, Miss. Bhumika Tyagi, Miss. Divya Singh On Board NA Yes We are here to connect the farmers globally and provide them the new technologies for better yield, also we are providing various services to them like fertilizes, labours with assurity and to make them aware of the differ
22 MAKEITSMART HYGIENE SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD. MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/01 NA 06-01-2022 Dr. Anuj Kumar Singh, Ms. Shalini Rana, Sourav Rastogi On Board NA Yes Our company will produce biodegradable baby diapers, old age diaper, sanitary napkins wipes. Now, therefore, it is hereby agreed by and between the undersigned parties as follows:
23 SPAA’s MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/02 NA 29-01-2022 Shiv Kumar, Prachi Sharma, Archit Verma & Ayushi Chandra On Board NA Yes SPAA’s is a cosmetic based company that includes manufacturing of toiletries, cosmetic and skin care products. These products are handmade, herbal and do not possess any Pharmacological Activity. The Idea is purely about t
24 HW-Alpha MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/03 NA 09-02-2022 Mr. Anupam Agarwal On Board NA Yes Startup based on Online alternative education on Personal development and Sustainability. Educational products,such as online books, services such as video courses and relationships with educational bodies for distribution
25 GARG SERVICES MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/04 NA 15-02-2022 Mr. Vidish Jindal On Board NA Yes GARG SERVICES is engaged in providing tax related services,, like GST registration and filing of returns , income tax returns, company formation and its compliance , accounting and auditing of books of accounts,etc.
26 Greenkyari MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/05 NA 24-02-2022 Mr. Sushil Kumar, Girish Kumar Thapa, Saurabh Sharma On Board NA Yes Greenkyari is to cultivate, grow, produce, harvest raise or deal in agriculture produce as agriculturists, farmers or gardeners and to set up processing unit for import, export, distribute, sale, purchase or deal in agricu
27 RAJBALA PRAKRATIK PRODUCTS PVT.LTD MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/06 NA 09-04-2022 Mr. Satendra Kumar On Board NA Yes RAJBALA PRAKRATIK PRODUCTS PVT.LTD a waste management company deals in recycling of cow dung into organic manure, decorative items Candles etc.
28 BR Softsol MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/19 NA 17/11/2021 Mr. Brijesh Chauhan, Mr. Atul Pratap Singh, On Board NA Yes BR Softsol is an IT consulting and solution providing organization for next generation business collaborates throughout the world. With comprehensive intelligence system across diverse industries and domains
29 Home Creations MIET/Inc/Phy/2021/09 NA 05/08/2021 Ankush On Board NA Yes Home Creations deals in P.V.C Panels, Wallpapers, vinyl Flooring Wooden Flooring
30 Centre for Crueltyfree Testing MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/07 NA 10-05-2022 Puneet Mittal Onboard NA Yes Centre for Cruelty free Testing is amongst a few Labs that work only on in vitro models to test product Safety and efficacy along with our specialized centre for Dermatology Research for Clinical Trials and Patch Tests(For
31 SoftwareLab MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/08 NA 24-05-2022 Sumit Kumar Onboard NA Yes SoftwareLab is a team of experienced web designers, software developers, digital marketers, and SEO specialists. SoftwareLab  is dealing with, software development, digital marketing services, mobile app development, SEO
32 Manwani’s Innovative Pearl Culture LLP MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/10 NA 20-07-2022 Mr. Ashok Manwani & Kulanjan Manwani Onboard NA Yes "Manwani’s Innovative Pearl Culture LLP made the technique easy & simple so that farmers can easily adopt that & can increase/earn their livelihood. Doing fish farming along with Pearl Farming increases the production of m
33 Vision Analytics MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/11 NA 11-08-2022 Dr. Neha Mittal and Ms. Mohini Preetam Singh Onboard NA Yes GIS Agricultural insurance is a growing phenomenon in India. In line with the government & resolve to revamp the agriculture sector to achieve higher GDP growth, insurance companies too are chipping in with innovative prod
34 Gogal Inventions Pvt. Ltd. MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/12 NA 29-08-2022 Mr. Rajesh Kumar & Ms. Neeraj Saini Onboard NA Yes Gogal Inventions Pvt. Ltd. making the Wood Cutter and other seat mettle works.
35 Durga Laxmi Enterprises MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/13 NA 19-09-2022 Mr. Neetu Kumar Onboard NA Yes Durga Laxmi Enterprises (Local Parcel) Get your Documents, Laptops, Lunch Boxes Forgotten Keys Charger Pickup from Home Office or Anywhere and Get it Delivered Instantly Anywhere in the City. Book two Wheeler Delivery Ser
36 Umun Tech MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/14 www.umun.in 28-10-2022 Mr. Abhinav Singhal and Rahul Rana Onboard NA Yes Umun Tech helps MSMEs across India to reach their full potential by automating their redundant and manual work flows. Umun Tech has various applications under their own brand name viz Marketwacth, Ok Khata, Umun Business a
37 Sikhan International Pvt.Ltd MIET/Inc/Phy/2022/15 www.sikhan.in 13-12-2022 Mr. Surender Pal Singh Chauhan & Harinder Singh Chauhan & Utkarsh Sikka Onboard NA Yes Our Company is working on ODOP, One District and Product principle. Which is promoted by Govt. of UTTAR PRADESH and Govt. of India. Initially we are focusing on Uttar Pradesh; Meerut Sports Goods, Sports Wear, Sports Shoe
38 Unnat Krishi Evam Herbal Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. MIET/Inc/Phy/2023/01 NA 28-02-2023 Dharampal Singh Duhoon, Mohd. Rashid Onboard NA Yes For pre- and post-harvest tasks in agriculture, horticulture, the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, and their initial processing and value addition, Unnat Krishi Evam Herbal Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cost-
39 Sanrakshak Farmer Producer Company Ltd. MIET/Inc/Phy/2023/02 NA 01-03-2023 Mr. Dharmendr Singh Onboard NA Yes In order to double the income of Patron farmer farmers, through the project training program and organic farming and by linking farmers with all the departments, to provide benefits of all the schemes run by the government
40 Bioninja Health and Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. MIET/Inc/Phy/2023/03 www.born-reborn.com 07-04-2023 Mr. Parag Gautam, Santosh Gautam Onboard NA Yes BioNinja Health and Lifestyle is a health and lifestyle company selling through its brand BORN REBORN, is committed to giving customers choices for wholesome, nutrient dense foods. Our main goal is to produce tasty goods t
41 Innovation and Innovation Industry MIET/Inc/Phy/2023/04 NA 12-04-2023 Ganga Ram Chauhan & Ram Milan Onboard NA Yes People can make their own flour at home, giving them the freedom to choose the type of nutrition and grain they prefer. This also provides exercise as the flour mill is easy to operate and can be used by people of all ages
42 ProVision Worldwide MIET/Inc/Phy/2023/05 www.sportspreps.com 07-05-2023 Rishabh Gupta Onboard NA Yes ProVision Worldwide is a sportstech company offering services through its brand SPORTSPREPS (www.sportspreps.com), provides a sports engagement platform for schools in India, Our main goal is to cover every game, team and



S.No Start Up Name Registration Number Website Date of Association Authorized Person Status Date of Graduation Startup Operational Description
1 Chandrakantir Edutech and Medical Health Services MIET/Inc/Vir/2021/01 https://drpronobacademy.in/ 5/29/2021 Dr. Pronob Roy Virtual Incubatee NA Yes Edutech application portal focusing on BDS and MDS students only
2 Fodder MIET/Inc/Vir/2021/02 NA 6/3/2021 Mr. Neeraj Kumar Virtual Incubatee NA No E platform for connecting farmers directly to customers
3 Litaa Academy MIET/Inc/Vir/2021/03 http://www.litaacademy.com/ 6/17/2021 Mr. Balaji Selvaraj Virtual Incubatee NA Yes Online education portal focusing on schools, colleges students
4 Tromso Services Pvt.Ltd MIET/Inc/Vir/2022/01 https://www.tofler.in/tromso-services-private-limited/company/U74999UP2021PTC148958 14-02-2022 Mr. Shailesh Kumar Yadav Virtual Incubatee NA Yes SERVICES
5 PRO BIZ INDIA PVT LTD MIET/Inc/Vir/2022/02 www.probizindia.co.in 16/12/2022 Mr Surender Pal Singh Chauhan & Yashwant Kumar Pandey & Linkon Bhatt Virtual Incubatee NA Yes PRO BIZ INDIA PVT LTD is working in Security Solutions. We are manufacturer, Sales and Marketing Company of Home and Industrial Security Solutions, Architectural Hardwares, All type of Door Locks, Automatic Sensor Controll



S.No Start Up Name Registration Number Website Date of Association Authorized Person Status Date of Graduation Startup Operational Description
1 MIC Tech Lab MIET/Inc/Phy/2017/01 NA 10/29/2017 Ankit Chaudhary, Abhyodhya Siddharth Graduated 11/13/2019 No Platform to provide teachers online as well as offline to users.
2 ZAP Sports MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/02 https://zapsports.in/password?customer_posted=true 2/18/2018 Bhavya Bharadawaj Graduated 4/25/2020 Yes Manufacturing Cricket Gears
3 Healthy Bazaar.com & in Morphis services Pvt. Ltd MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/03 NA 3/18/2018 Himanshu Singhal Graduated 3/1/2020 No Healthcare equipment supplier
4 Jainson Lab MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/04 https://www.jainsonfes.com/ 13-05-2018 Aseem Jain Graduated 20-05-2020 Yes New development and innovation of polymers
5 Praan Web Solutions MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/05 https://www.indiamart.com/praan-web-services-meerut/ 05-08-2018 Nishant Sharma, Paras Lakhani, Rahul Tyagi, Mehul Varshney, Mukesh Rawat Graduated 01-08-2020 Yes Project Consultancy for IT based Solutions
6 Central Perk MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/06 NA 27-10-2018 Priyansh Graduated 03-12-2020 No Cafeteria and sports lounge
7 BI Blueberry Info Tech MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/07 NA 17-10-2018 Chirag Garg, Pralabh Gupta Graduated 19-10-2020 No Marketing consultancy
8 Aquaponic MIET/Inc/Phy/2018/08 NA 20-11-2018 Akhilesh Gupta, Manish Bhotia Graduated 02-12-2020 No Hybrid food growing technology-combines aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing veggies in non-soil media and nutrient- laden water).
9 Life cell stem banking MIET/Inc/Phy/2019/01 NA 19-03-2019 Amit Kumar Shah Graduated 25-04-2020 No Marketing consultancy
10 Ignative Labs MIET/Inc/Phy/2019/02 https://www.zaubacorp.com/company/IGNATIVELABS-OPC-PRIVATE-LIMITED/U72900UP2019OPC124281 19-04-2019 Priyanka Chaudhary Graduated 28-12-2020 Yes Learning Management System
11 Adya MIET/Inc/Phy/2019/03 NA 21-08-2019 Rachit Bansal Graduated 03-08-2020 No LED and CFL manufacturing Company
12 Excellence in Group MIET/Inc/Phy/2019/04 NA 07-08-2019 Manan Gupta Graduated 10-08-2020 No Online Gaming Platform
13 Roots App MIET/Inc/Phy/2020/01 https://rootsapp.in/ 13-04-2020 Pranjal Yadav Graduated 18-04-2021 Yes A.I based educational networking platform
14 Avisoft MIET/Inc/Phy/2020/02 https://in.linkedin.com/company/avisoft-system-pvt-ltd 20-07-2020 Tarun Gupta Graduated 07-08-2021 Yes Home/Industrial/Commercial Automation